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Many questions have been regarding tools to help sort through the abundance of information that exists on the subject of the Illuminati and their orders, projects, programs and agendas.

Your writer’s first thought is something you’ve likely heard of already.  It is called The Trivium Method.

Some of your researchers have identified this method as being something occultists use, and keep away from most of the public.  They are correct.  Illuminati members are trained in The Trivium Method at a very early stage of their progression through the various orders and programs.

Order is often very important.

It is a very simple idea:  Think, feel, and then act.

Some have called this: Input, Processing, Output.

The staples are:  Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric.  There are several variations, my preference is the simple variation.

The first step – Grammar – Involves collecting information available.  All the raw and factual data you can find, and bringing all of that together as a coherent body of knowledge.

The second – Logic – is understanding the information as fully as possible and removing any contradictions.

The final – Rhetoric – is finding a way to express this understanding in an objective form.

Too wordy perhaps?  Fair.

Your writer brings this back to:  Think, Feel and Act.

Think: Collect the information available.  The “Who, what, when, and where” of whatever topic or situation you are looking to process.

Feel: Examine all of that information and remove the contradictions while understanding interrelations that exist.  Attention to how you feel about the information can be used in this step. Or, the “Why?” of the topic.

Act:  How you respond to the information or situation. How you communicate what you’ve learned.  The “How?” of the topic or situation.

This is important to adopt because too often we humans make the mistake of ACTing on our FEELings without THINKing about what we are doing.  This leads to all sorts of major and minor mistakes.

“I can’t listen to her because she gives me an uneasy feeling.”  This would be a potential mistake.  “I listened to her and after processing the information felt the information was not valid as it has too many contradictions and so I am not going to repeat this or act on it.”  Would be much more ideal.

This method is meant to teach an individual to teach themselves without the little or no aide from a teacher or instructor.  Your writer is unable to become a teacher of this method for you readers, unfortunately.  So..

Two researchers and speakers your writer feels are good sources,  who you readers may know, for understanding the Trivium Method are Mark Passio and Jan Irvin.  (If you are using the Trivium while listening to either you will be able to absorb the information just fine.  This is said only because some find these two speakers Abrasive.  Both men have done great work, however, in understanding and teaching the Trivium Method.)  There are also many websites available via Google.  There is much more to the Trivium Method than your writer has explained here.

This method will help you understand concepts, others, and yourself.  Learning how to think instead of looking for another to tell you what to think.

Not only will this help your discernment, it will improve your confidence and self-responsibility.  No system is perfect, but this is a valuable one.

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