What Happened to The Men Who Made a Deal With the Devil?

The concept of “making a deal with the devil” is actually the archetype of the whore/prostitute, as such people are willing to sell themselves out for temporary gain. Nothing encapsulates this archetype more than the recent lows that many have gone to sell themselves out for a Krispy Kreme doughnut, or a $25 gift card; it’s a sad spin on Homer Simpson selling his soul to the Devil for a doughnut on the Simpson’s television series. You can’t trust those who embody the whore archetype, because if they’re so willing to abandon their rights to their own body (self-abandonment), which is their personal property, for a temporary gain such as a doughnut and social credibility, then they’ll most certainly abandon you under similar circumstances. They say that everyone has a price, and while this isn’t true for those who’ve adequately worked through their own inner whore archetype, many in the world were recently pushed to pay that price to keep their jobs, keep playing the sport they love, to keep going out to eat and to the movies, or to keep up their standard of living. When personal gain doesn’t work, fear is always a good way to harvest the remaining stragglers.

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