What is our Locus of Control, and Why Does it Matter?

Do you have an internal or external locus of control?  What does that mean, and how does it relate to the Mandela Effect?  How does where we place our locus of control impact the quality of our lives?  If you are interested in learning more about this subject, watch on…

In a the previous video I discuss our locus of control, and how it relates to cause and effect, and in this video, I further expound on the concept and connect it to the chaos and order.  How does chaos and order relate to our free will and creativity?   How do polarities work?  How does attraction work?

The sixth Hermetic Principle states, “every cause has an effect, and every effect has its cause”. How does a Gray Mystic interpret the principle of cause and effect?

What is the actual definition of power as it pertains to the Mystic? Gray power? Dark side power? Light side power? Occultists version of power?

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