You Will Own NOTHING!! Here’s How They Plan to Make You “Happy”

Take a second to consider that there is something valuable that you own, and that is yourself. Then consider that some of the things you do own are ultimately an extension of yourself, they allow you to be you, they allow you to exercise the ownership of yourself in the world. This is fundamentally why having a place to call home, having a way to move around, and having the ability communicate and express yourself are objectively important and universally sought after. The fact that you don’t have a home, a car, or even a nice computer or phone today doesn’t mean that you won’t have these things tomorrow, so long as the path of ownership to these and other things exists, you can find your way to them if you play your cards right, even if the system is rigged against you. Rest assured that you will never be happy in a world where the path to ownership to literally anything except your skin and bones has been blocked because you will never be able to truly be yourself. Never mind that you might even lose ownership of yourself because of a digital ID in such a world. ~Guy, The Coin Bureau, “You Will Own NOTHING!! Here’s How They Plan to Make You “Happy””

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