Developing Individuality Through Exploring our Personal Preferences

Self-exploration is as much about preferences as it is about learning/grounding into objective morality and truth. That’s what freedom is all about, the opportunity to explore and refine our preferences without external interference, thereby allowing us to refine our individuality. Once we secure our objective liberties we are safe, but from there, we have to go do the things that free people do, in law called “enjoyment“, and for that, we must explore hobbies, likes and dislikes, and basically enjoy life as much as we can by refining our preferences, and use our experiences as a feedback device to discover meaning and further grow as unique individuals.

The problem with leftists, and collectivists in general, is that they take their personal preferences of how they like to do things, such as sexual preferences, gender preferences, financial preferences, work preferences, religious preferences, political preferences, relationship preferences, and parenting preferences, and then try to legislate them into law, therefore attempting to make their subjective preferences (freedoms) into objective all encompassing moral truths (safety). They elevate their personal preferences and fantasies into the realm of the Logos and objective morality, and attack any and all that do not conform to their personal preferences in an attempt to strong arm people into their personal and collective fantasies.

Yes, we are free to explore our preferences and discover what we enjoy in the playground of life (freedom/liberty), but we must do so while adhering to the universal moral truths found in natural law (safety). When we abide by natural law, we claim our natural rights and secure our liberties, and from there we have all of the safety we need to explore the world around us, take risks, make mistakes, grow from our mistakes, and voluntarily interact with others who are doing the same. A person can’t be a sovereign individual until they have developed their moral character through integrating the Logos (Jesus) into their hearts as the foundation of their personality, but from there they have the freedom to refine their individuality and personality by collecting a vast array of experiences to help them explore their personal preferences.

THE UNITY PROCESS: I’ve created an integrative methodology called the Unity Process, which combines the philosophy of Natural Law, the Trivium Method, Socratic Questioning, Jungian shadow work, and Meridian Tapping—into an easy to use system that allows people to process their emotional upsets, work through trauma, correct poor thinking, discover meaning, set healthy boundaries, refine their viewpoints, and to achieve a positive focus. You can give it a try by contacting me for a private session.

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