Does Modern Schooling Stunt our Ability to Think?

While learning knowledge is important, some forms of learning are more akin to conditioning, such as the traditional didactic means forced upon us in public schooling. Didactic learning stunts our thinking, by telling us what to believe rather than allowing us to discover our beliefs for ourselves, and then modify them when warranted. Because of this, the didactic transmission of knowledge actually hinders our ability to discover self-knowledge, understanding, self-worth, and inner confidence. Didactic learning makes us parrots only capable of repeating shallow platitudes and superficial information, rather than allowing for us to enter into deep philosophical multilogical discourse. Didactic teaching operates with the core assumption that knowledge can be transmitted without our mind thinking ourselves there in the first place. Sadly, this dangerous assumption fuels the learning and teaching of the majority within our society, including many of our spiritual teachers and role models.
The following is an excerpt from chapter 17 of an untitled book found at, the chapter is called “Dialogical and Dialectical Thinking“.  The entire chapter is well worth reading.


To read the full source from the above excerpt, please click HERE.

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