How to Remember Who we Are

The Ruiner said something in a comment that got me thinking, he said “Our minds cannot make sense of choices made at other levels. Which is why we don’t ‘remember’ the choices we made while incarnating, for the most part.”

Meaning that the reasoning behind our choices as higher beings, and our understanding that prompts those choices, are so far beyond our current ability to process logic, that we cannot comprehend who we are in the higher, therefore we ‘forget’ ourselves when we come here. However, this means that if we are able to upgrade our divine ‘logos/logic/reasoning’ enough, we can finally begin to remember our higher nature. Therefore, it is incumbent upon us to upgrade and increase our speed of thought and processing capability, through letting go of our blocks to logic, and our emotional attachments to the numerous logical fallacies, so that we might remember. The more emotionally reasonable we are, having honed our ability to process our feelings responsibly, the more we will channel our true nature as a being from above, and remember who we really are.

It is the task of the Gnostic to go within and find who they really are, and to do this, we need to upgrade our logos/logic/reasoning/understanding.

Many people get confused over the word “logic”, since the masculine has taken over responsibility for the role of logic from the feminine, which is patriarchy, but when the feminine takes back her role as the logical processor, the masculine is free to perform his role of bringing in knowledge for her to process. He is the input, she is the processing (in her womb), and they output their creation/manifestation. Since logic is perceived as masculine, many spiritual people have the knee jerk reaction of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but since the masculine’s role is not to be logical, they don’t have to throw out logic, just shift responsibility back to where it belongs.

Unfortunately, matriarchy is not where women take over the logic, but maintain the belief that logic is masculine, and then mostly shun it. Matriarchy is the next step they want us to take, which is a deception within a deception, and would be impossible to get out of as a society (which is why they want it). Its all about women taking back their responsibility, which will transform our perception and understanding of understanding! This reality is very near, and we are excited to see the transformation of logic coming to us soon.

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  1. David Nova says:

    I view myself as more of an intuitive by nature. I then subject my intuition to a logical common-sense analysis. But when it comes to piercing the veil, for me at least, it aways begins with the intuitive mind, because the intuitive mind processes information non-linearly, as energy packets, insights, glimpses from beyond. I can then bring that intuition into human understanding with logic and expand upon it with synchronicity as I write it down. For me that is the creative process of the writer – from the sudden inspiration of the muse mind to the linear formation in the human mind on the empty page. I find that it works very well for me…

    • Well said, yes, that is how we do it too. The intuition and muse is the higher mind prompting us to go into the creative process. The more we go into this and practice, in order to refine our ability to think in alignment with our intuition and the higher mind, the more we remember who we are. Great comment, thanks for writing down the mechanics of how exactly the creative process works!

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