Subjective vs Objective Truth

What many people have come to understand about the concept of truth, might be better called “perception”. While truth level one is our subjective perception (and understanding) of reality, truth level two is the totality of our objective reality that we can open our eyes up to perceive. We each have our own perception, and we are able to improve our subjective sight, so that we can see what’s “truly” there, and not just what we think should be there, or have deceived ourselves into believing is there. It is said that “pride blinds” our perception, but what does it blind us to? Our perception of “the objective truth”. While our subjective truth can be quite blind, the objective truth is always there waiting, should we decide to let go of our self-deceived thinking and open ourselves up to its presence. The more we improve our subjective ability to view our objective reality, the more we become aligned with the truth. There is a mystical concept called the “Alchemical Marriage”, which is the union between our subjective perceptions and the objective truth of reality; this state of absolute union is known as “unity consciousness”. Monogamous marriage in a pair bonded union is the metaphor that best represents this mystical concept, and points us to our potential as human beings.

Additionally, subjective perspectives can intermingle and consider each other’s viewpoints, to further elevate and support their opening into objective truth, this is known as multilogical dialogue. However, various subjective perspectives can also decide to merge into one collective subjective viewpoint, to deny and break away from objective reality. In fact, it can even be cleverly done in the name of objectivity; all while being anything but objective. Therefore there are two main forms of unity consciousness, multiple subjective viewpoints in union with the objective truth, and multiple subjective viewpoints collecting together in a shared illusion, and breaking away from objective reality. The second version is unsustainable, and requires some form of objective reality to leach life from, otherwise it would collapse in upon itself.

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  1. FIRST, I hear of this “Unity Process” mentioned on a YouTube video, I AM listening to today (3/19/17), concerning
    the subject of The Mandela Affect. I AM impressed with the speaker in this video enough to subscribe to his YouTube channel. Then, going to Google, I find this MOST BRILLIANT blog, finding that the most recent installment of this dissertation was only yesterday. Going down the page, and back in Time, I SEE a most recent, yet extremely rapidly growing AWARENESS put to written form. By what series of synchronisities has lead me here and why is both a Delight, and a familial FEELING of Kindred Home. Who are you? Why NOW?
    IN RESPLY TO THIS PARTICULAR DISSERTATION: Well done. How better to put into Words the process of individual BEINGNESS in Motion of Thought when in Relation to TRUTH, whether shared by agenda of secured subjective illusion OR sought within the differing INNER SELF of True Self Reflection shared in collective Sovereignty THAT which is Truly Objective?

    I AM sure, that, if anybody could do it better – YOU could, whoever you are.
    I couldn’t’ve put it better MYself.

    • Stephen, I appreciate the comment. Yes, I am the video producer and blogger, and my wife Aline is very much involved in all of our insights and discoveries — I’m the scribe, so to speak. We both appreciate your kind words and heartfelt comradery, we are grateful to meet those who can both grasp and appreciate the work we are doing. Be well friend.