The Second Treatise on Government, by John Locke

Please, please, please (did I mention please?), if you claim to love Liberty and feel that you are responsible enough to govern yourself, read the following book by John Locke, as it is the foundational work on the topic of self-governance and Natural Law. To transcend being governed, we must have a solid foundation in the philosophy that first demonstrated that we have the natural right to govern ourselves, and all of the implications and responsibilities that it entails. I see far too many people attack our current governmental system without having any kind of depth of understanding about Natural Law, Common Law, the invasion of Civil Law into Common Law countries, human psychology, natural rights, and the purpose of government.  They also lack a firm grasp of what has transpired in our country over the past 150 years, that has led to our government becoming the multi-headed beast that it is now.  This book is a great head start in understanding where we began, and how we must then move forward.

The Second Treatise on Government, by John Locke (free PDF download)



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