Vampire Slaying: A Metaphor for Exposing Lies

Vampires are a metaphor for liars and the lies they tell, for example, vampires are afraid of the sunlight, which is akin to falsehoods not being able to hold up to the light of healthy skepticism and scrutiny, aka the truth disintegrates lies much like sunlight disintegrates vampires. Vampires, like liars and lies, prefer the cover of darkness because it’s easier to hunt for hapless victims when their prey is unable to see the truth of any given situation for what it might actually be. Without the proper tools to illuminate one’s perception, such as the Trivium, logic, critical thinking techniques and terminology, Socratic questioning, a metaphysical and philosophical understanding of natural law, and other foundational objective principles, one is in darkness and unable to see clearly, and what they are able to see is concealed, fuzzy, and lacks proper definition. It is in a predator’s self-interests to keep their prey in a dumbed down intellectual and emotional state in order to improve the quality of their feeding grounds, and this is exactly what the so-called “Elite” do with humanity, they use the educational systems, media, entertainment, and other technological means to darken the intellectual and emotional faculties of the average person to both feed upon them, as well as convert the useful ones to their nefarious cause.

A vampire needs to feed on blood, and their being perpetually undead and devoid of life force, and needing to feed upon the living to maintain vitality is also an appropriate aspect of this metaphor, as lies require some tether and connection to the truth in order to be more convincing, as half-truths are often used to psychically drain the life out of, and gain compliance from, those caught within a lie’s deceptive snare. Within Biblical culture, it was forbidden to drink the blood of animals, which was quite prolific at the time, because it was believed that the life force (lesser soul) was in the blood, so to drink the blood of another being is to ingest their life force energy. Labor is a philosophical way of viewing life force energy, as liars love feeding on the labor of others, whether it is through traditional slavery, or with more modern forms of slavery such as taxation without representation or accountability, but in all forms lies are typically told to gain an unfair advantage over the resources of another person, even when people are considered the resource.

Lies do not have enough life within them to perpetuate on their own without a host, so vampires feed upon those who are still somewhat connected to the truth, and piggy back upon the truth, until which time their prey is sufficiently “converted/turned” and conform to the lie enough to also become functionally undead, at which point they will also roam the darkness and feed upon/turn other blind victims away from the land of the living truth, where they will be poured into the sea of the dead.

Vampires are also notorious for being quite seductive, and said to place their prey under their spell when needed, but of course if (or when) their seductive tricks fail, they can also be quite aggressive and brutal when they need to be. In the same way, lies can be quite seductive at first, tickling the ears of their intended prey until their dark underbelly and true intentions are finally exposed, and then physical force becomes a necessity; dictators are notorious for using seduction to gain power, and then using brute force to maintain it. These tactics were never more apparent to those living in daylight than in the past two years when a certain plan(d3m1c) was unleashed, and specific experimental medical procedures were at first rewarded with donuts, gift cards, and social praise, but then forced upon many more through mandates that threatened job security, fines, and the fear of being socially ostracized by friends and family.

Vampires do not have a reflection when standing in front of a mirror, and those who are furthering lies are themselves believing lies, especially the lies they tell themselves about themselves. However, the antidote to self-deception is a healthy dose of reflectivity, for just as reflection is necessary to see the truth of what one looks like, self-reflection allows one to examine their own thinking, feelings, behaviors, and outcomes in order to come to the truth of who one is, and why they are creating their lives as they are, so that they might make meaningful changes.

To scare a vampire, we find the symbolism of the crucifix with Jesus affixed to it, and this is a metaphoric representation of the Logos, meaning, and purpose, which I call empathetic reasoning and divine logic; yes, those adept at wielding the Logos will at the very least scare away liars like turning on a light scatters cockroaches in a kitchen. The death and rebirth process is necessary for working through the myriad of fears and self-doubts we discover within ourselves, and to the metaphysical ascension process of raising one’s vibration. By experiencing the death and rebirth process in key areas of our life, something vampires and liars are unwilling to do since they have chosen perpetual death, we get to experience eternal life.

To slay a vampire, it is said that one must either expose it to direct sunlight, or to drive a wooden stake through its heart. Exposing the lie to truth is an inside job, for one must not only be trained to think in objective processes that continually check for clear grammar and logic, and is able to error correct along the way to ensure logical consistency free from contradictions, they must also apply these objective principles to their own being, which comprises of purifying their poor thought patterns, belief structures, and emotional reactions in order to relate to Self and others from a place of integrity. Otherwise, clear thinking could be a tool used in a way that furthers the lie and manipulates others for personal benefit, rather than a means to keep one on a just and true path. To drive a wooden stake through the heart of a vampire is to pierce the heart of a lie at its very core with natural law and its principles, which is to pierce the heart of a lie with Excalibur—the Biblical sword of truth.

In the end, it is not as important to become adept at the art of rhetoric to convince others that something in particular is a lie, it is more important to teach yourself how to think properly, and to apply that clear thinking to mastering your own emotional states and the underlying psychological reasons why you have them, as well as to deconstruct the behaviors you engage in. Doing this will gradually overcome your ego’s propensity for unconscious self-deception, and it cultivates deeper self-awareness, but it also models and replicates the pattern of thoughtfulness and reflectivity that can be passed on to your friends and loved ones, and to those that you may have casual contact with. Once it is time to enter into the rhetoric stage of the Trivium, teaching others WHAT to think isn’t nearly as useful for propagating truth as teaching them HOW to think, whereas liars prefer to teach people WHAT to think, because it makes their prey much easier to manipulate and feed upon when they remain ignorant to basic thinking processes. Teaching others HOW to think, and HOW to apply it to their own being in a self-reflective manner, will make them much harder to be deceived by team dark and their lies, and they may even slay a vampire or two along the way.

THE UNITY PROCESS: I’ve created an integrative methodology called the Unity Process, which combines the philosophy of Natural Law, the Trivium Method, Socratic Questioning, Jungian shadow work, and Meridian Tapping—into an easy to use system that allows people to process their emotional upsets, work through trauma, correct poor thinking, discover meaning, set healthy boundaries, refine their viewpoints, and to achieve a positive focus. You can give it a try by contacting me for a private session.

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