Fractal Balance, Polarity, & Attraction

To the mystic, balance does not come through meeting in the middle without polarity, but is accomplished through picking the active polarity and polarizing into it, and allowing the complimenting polarity to attract back to them. As an example, if a person has a male body, that is their active polarity, and they therefore must master what it means to be a male in order to attract their passive counterpart to them, which is female. For those with a female body, their active polarity is female, while their passive counterpart that they will attract is male. Male and female are material representations of the Hermetic Principles of Polarity, Rhythm, and Gender, while masculine and feminine are internal representations of those same principles.  This fractal relationship relates to the Hermetic Principle of Correspondence, which states, “as above so below, and as below so above”, where masculine and feminine represent the internal energetic polarities, and the male and female genders correspond as external physical manifestations of the internal reality.


Like a battery with two poles, the male has a negatively charged heart pole and a positively charged root pole, while the female has a positively charged heart pole and a negatively charged root pole.  It is fractal geometry that scales with both internal and external symmetry, where the inner balance of the four poles working harmoniously within each individual will appear as a male and female partnership in external balance—with the male being fully polarized as a male (heart –, penis +), and the female being fully polarized as a female (heart +, vagina –).  This is a Gray Hermeticists’ interpretation of a balanced hermaphrodite, which does not strive to be a single androgynous being, but two whole beings that correspond to, and attract to each other (–/+ and +/–), as One.

~Nathan & Aline

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  1. Hey guys, its “Expanded Awareness” from youtube lol. I resonate with this. I believe that we stay basically the way we are as “two wholes” Rather than “merging” into one androgynous being. I believe we are both that already. Therefore working together as one and remaining as two wholes. To become more of who we are after life as individual expressions even though we work in unity as One. Does that make sense? Which, everything is connected anyway. Twin souls though are like identical blueprint. Do you believe we have the same over-soul or “had” originally the same over-soul? I do know I was his spirit guide (OBE) but not sure if that was from the higher selves perspective or not. It seemed like it could have been. It was very spiritual. Love you guys

    • Hi Dawn! Sorry for the late reply. What you are saying makes sense. We do think twin flames have the same blueprint/oversoul. The spirit guide experience also is definitely a possibility. It sounds like you have good understanding of your own situation. Big kisses and hugs x ~Aline

      • Its okay. Yes, we’ve known each other since 2002, thats prob why. However, im very open to possibilities and like to hear others perceptions. Youns also have a good grip on things.

  2. Mustafa says:

    But as an individual, when one is polarized completely To one polarity, Wouldn’t one be un-integrated, And thus never experience wholeness on their own?

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