Our Thoughts on Channeling, and the Need for Discernment

We see imposter channeling ALL the time. If people do not have discernment when speaking to others in this realm, they will not have discernment in who they speak with in other realms. Fortunately, as we refine our discernment here, our discernment also improves there. Many people value having their ears tickled with clever deceptions more than they value the truth, as truth can be quite destructive at times. Thus, they will seek out those that will tell them exactly what they want to hear, in this realm and all other realms as well, rather than seeking out those that will tell them what they need to hear.

Just because a being claims to be somebody or something, does not make what they say the truth; discernment is able to weigh and judge what is being conveyed, in any realm where communication occurs. Having the intent and desire to know the truth regardless of what it means about us and our identity, is the foundation for connecting to beneficial people here, and beneficial beings in other realms; those that will assist and empower us for our betterment, and for the greater good of all.

“Discernment and conscious choice are our greatest gifts, which keep evolving and refining as we walk the journey of enlightenment. Being in the dense realm of physicality often lead us to believe that entities living in higher dimensions are more knowledgeable about our lives than we are. But not even angels themselves have the full overview, they can only be guiding lights and illuminate the path, not walk it for us. And giving our power away the way many people do as they believe whatever a channel says, puts them in an even denser state of being as the rigid structures of belief systems and worldviews solidifies it. Humanity are being grossly misled and manipulated in so many ways, the new age paradigm definitely being a major one to contribute. Not all that seems light, is in fact true, or incorruptible, so we need to be very aware of our own deep inner knowing and intuitive resonance when presented with information from higher levels of life. They may have a broader perspective, but we in the physical have the deeper understanding, or ability to gain insights.” ~Malue Wittusrose

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