Predictive Programming, Bible Prophecy, Determinism, & Free Will

Many people have leaned on studying Bible prophecy to figure out what is to come, since they were told that God authored the prophecies, and has purposefully set it up to end this age. Because certain current events seem to be lining up with Biblical prophecy, it therefore must be true, right? Assuming that it must be true because the manifestations appear as true is the logical fallacy of misplaced cause and effect, it is assuming that the cause is the actual cause just because it is the stated cause. Additionally, it is assuming that the two have a common cause just because they appear to happen together.

Since we are free will beings, and the world is meant to be a spontaneous experience where we express our individuality as unique beings, it would be impossible to have a set of deterministic prophecies that governs us, as it would cancel out our free will to self-determine our future. However, if you could convince enough free will beings that the prophecies were indeed going to happen, they would ponder them enough to cause them to happen, as what we think causes us to feel, and what we feel causes us to act and manifest (See our article on reality generation HERE). Enough beings believing in the prophecies, and that the prophecies were indeed given by an external God that is beyond them, would cause free will beings to experience life in a deterministic fashion devoid of free will. End times prophecy is a brilliant trick that has been played on humanity; this sleight of hand is called predictive programming, which is a form of mind control.

To reinforce the predictive programming of biblical and other religious prophecies, Hollyweird has been putting out disaster movies, monster movies, zombie movies, violent war movies, dystopian movies, and super hero movies at an alarming rate. This is done to inject their end times themes into the collective unconscious, and to keep them focusing on those scenarios, in order for the people to create a deterministic future which the Elite can control, rather than a spontaneous free will future in which the Elite are unable to control.  Make no mistake about it, humanity is being funneled towards a pre-determined “end time” scenario,  and there has been a concerted effort to manipulate them out of their free will.

The movie “Frequencies” gives a clue about their worldview, free will, and determinism, and although it is meant to reinforce their game, the truth can also be found through reflecting on it.  (**Spoiler alert, if you have not yet seen the movie, and would like to, pass over this section.) Frequencies is a parable about the fall of Adam, where the female lead Marie represents Adam, and Zak represents the lower frequency Pre-Adamic man. Strauss, the father of Theo, represents God, while Theo represents Satan, the Devil, and Serpent that helps Adam (Marie) “fall” in frequency. Strauss and Theo are the two neutral frequency characters in the movie, which represents Hermetic balance and mastery; the father Strauss is genuinely loving, while the son Theo is more cold and calculated, much like a psychopath might be. In the beginning of the movie, Theo rolls an apple to Marie (Adamic humanity), and makes it look like Zak (pre-Adamic humanity) rolled it to her. The discussion that there is no free will, and that it is all an illusion is the filmmaker/writer’s little jab at God and Adamic humanity, just as was Theo’s cold taunting of Strauss at the end of the movie is a jab at his father.

The point of the movie is to infer that the Universe is purely deterministic, that humanity should just sit back and enjoy the predictability and go along with the experience in letting their predetermined life unfold, and that those who can see the patterns are superior over everyday humanity. The reason why there is no supposed free will here though, is because in reality, everybody these days is running programs and under the influence of mind control. In the movie and our reality, determinism is helped along by the sorcerer’s use of “word magic” to deceive and manipulate the masses, to get them to do their bidding.

When people are programmed in childhood via the schools, religion, society, family, and media, and then further programmed daily through the various forms of media, it becomes easier and easier to plot the course of what will be said and done next on a mass scale, since spontaneity was removed and replaced by programs that mimic spontaneity; false spontaneity is known as impulsivity. External programming makes determinism real, but internal spontaneity returns free will; once we’re reconnected to our internal questions and answers, the “Devil/Satan/Elite/Theo” would no longer be able to track or manipulate our future, as we would be able to spontaneously create from the inside-out. (**End Spoiler.)

Now this doesn’t mean that we are to stick our head in the sand to the reality that people are creating based on these prophecies, but it does mean that we have the capacity to remove ourselves from any collective agreements that tie us into this reality. The “Two Witnesses” from the book of Revelation, a major source of Biblical prophecy, is a perfect example of a distortion put forth about what it means to give a testimony of the truth, and to experience the truth. They are supposed preachers and prophets, and perform the role of the Biblical Moses and Aaron from the Exodus story, where they have the power to send plagues upon the earth, and fire comes from their mouth’s if anybody tries to harm them.

The best lies have a partial truth embedded in them though, which gives them roots to grow their distortions from. The key to understanding the two witnesses is in their name, for to witness also means to observe; and an observation is not preaching, but the noticing of things. From our understanding, their role is merely to notice and observe humanity, notice any patterns that collective humanity might be acting out, find those same patterns in their own interpersonal behavior, feel into them, and integrate them. Observing is closely connected to shadow work and the individuation process of separating and becoming an individual apart the collective; individuation is leaving determinism and returning to the realm of free will. The outside-in super hero aspects of these two observers is a part of the distortion, but really, the only things that might be true about them is that they are two people, they observe, and they clothe themselves in sackcloth, which is the traditional attire/symbol for those who do inner process work from that time period.

So the two observers give us the key to breaking out of the pre-determined biblical prophecies just in their name alone, and pretty much everything else that was used to describe them is an outside-in distortion meant to further the illusory war and prophecy game. Our job, your job, and anybody else who wants out of this deterministic reality matrix, is to merely observe what is going on outside of them as a mirror, and do inner process work by reflecting on it, fully experience any associated feelings, find the patterns, integrate the patterns, and to continue reverse engineering cause and effect in their lives. This process brings Hermetic balance to the individual, removes them from the external dramas of the world, including that of deterministic prophecy, individuates them from the mass collective unconscious, and restores their free will.

*Update:  It is important to contrast predictive programming for an end times scenario, and the Hermetic Principle of Rhythm, since the universe does demonstrate this natural principle.  For example, when there is an inhale, there must also be an exhale, when the pendulum swings to the left, it must also re-balance to the right, therefore it is reasonable to assume that there will also be predictable swings of the pendulum that are knowable by those who are aware enough to see them approaching.  Predictive programming terror and disaster just prior or at a pendulum swing is a clever tactic to hijack the cycle and continue subverting free will.  While the rhythm of the universe is predetermined, that doesn’t necessarily mean each cycle must end with a bang, its just that certain beings don’t want to go down without a fight, and want to keep people controlled by the cycles. They attempt to use their knowledge of the cycles to trap free will beings through artificially creating chaos when they arrive.   ,However, since these are still natural cycles, we are capable, through mastery of the seven Hermetic principles and self-knowledge/awareness, of consciously rising above the natural cycles, and thus staying in our free will.

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  1. Johnny McKenzie says:

    According to my research it’s extremely evident that the elites wrote the bible prophecies what i better describe as agenda21. Great post.

  2. Berethorn says:

    Never call people fools, but to the one who wrote this article, the fact of course remains that the pre-adamic man is the average Joe. Introverts who can create their own realms are per definition adamic. Was this frequency ”test” in this movie written by man and his puny understanding or God? Btw God is everything and not a person. And regarding the latter same goes for satan ? Enki, who crafted humanity and Enlil are two individuals, yet the’re both satans, depending on your side.

  3. Annette says:

    Nathan’s post, authored on July 24, 2015, is a commendable work that skillfully weaves together diverse and intricate subjects. The author’s capacity to explore the connections between predictive programming, Bible prophecy, determinism, and free will is truly impressive. This post provides readers with valuable insights and challenges them to think critically about the forces at play in our lives. It is evident that Nathan’s post is a well-researched and thought-provoking contribution to this complex discourse. A remarkable piece that deserves recognition and praise.

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