Scientist Blows the Whistle on the Mandela Effect

A scientist claiming to work for the organization responsible for the Mandela Effect answers questions on the anonymous forum 4chan. Is the scientist credible? Is there any truth to what they are saying? Check out my presentation and analysis of the conversation, and the content of their disclosure. Mandela Effect MAIL BAG #1 | Proof Nelson Mandela died in the 1990s? And more! 4chan screenshots of whistleblower conversation Jeremy Bernstein […] Read more »

A Strangers Guide to Saturn | Gods & Symbolism

I highly recommend watching this…although I now think of Saturn as more of a neutral archetype, it is definitely being used on our planet in a dark fashion, however it can also be invoked in more beneficial and caring ways. I think that the Saturn archetype has been steered by the ruling Elite towards a very specific agenda of domination and control. Just as alchemy, Gnosis, and Hermetic Law can be used […] Read more »

Happy Appreciation Week

We find it ironic that people say “Merry Xmas” to secularize Christmas, when X has always been the symbol for Saturn, as it is just a diagonal cross, where the cross and sickle represent the Greek symbol for Saturn ( ♄ ), but also, the Greek letter χ (chi) is the first letter for both “Christ” (χριστός) and “Chronos” (χρόνος).  Also, geometrically, a 2D cross folds up into a 3D cube, where […] Read more »