The Great Reset: Yuval Noah Harari

Meet Yuval Noah Harari, the brain child and adviser of Klaus “The Great Reset” Schwab. In his own words. Very telling insights of the internal landscape of this soulless demon-possessed psychopath. Pure materialism with the attempt to control human beings via algorithms, i.e Transhumanism: merging man and machine. It is end game of the anti-divine occult agenda. The fake pandemic, the Covid Vaxx (and the metaphysical consequences of separating the soul from the body) the god-denying pathological woke Marxist far-leftists liberal ideologies, the “stand with Ukraine” psy-op, etc. is all part of it as people are being programmed to go along with an agenda the results not only in the enslavement of humanity, but the enslavement of the soul. ~Bernhard Guenther


The Great Reset is moving towards Transhumanism with AI controlling all aspects of [Trans] human interaction. Of course, Yuval Noah Harari fails to mention those who are “divergent” (like in the book/movie) to his external algorithmic control, as such individuals have an internal locus of control/identity, and therefore cannot be manipulated, herded, or controlled via external stimuli. As mystics say, “when there is internal anarchy (no rulers), there is external monarchy (rulers), but when there is an internal monarch (the internal King—the Logos), there is external anarchy (no rulers).” As long as you have developed and refined your character through self-observation and self-reflection, you will be safe from their external algorithms that seek to enslave you.

Does free will truly exist? No, free will does NOT exist for those with an external locus of control/identity, because they have forfeited it through their materialistic worldview, lack of internal willpower, their desire to fit in and belong, egocentrism, unhealed traumas, one dimensional logic and thinking, and willful ignorance of themselves and the world around them. Yes, free will DOES exist for those with an internal locus of control/identity, because they have claimed it through their logocentric worldview, internal willpower, their intention to be and remain autonomous at all costs, a well integrated ego, healed traumas, multidimensional logic and thinking, and having willfully developed an understanding of themselves and the world around them. At it’s root, free will is one very simple choice—the choice between ignoring one’s inner character and developing one’s inner character, and between forfeiting one’s individuality by choosing external authority, which by extension leads to slavery through conforming to an external author’s path for them, and claiming one’s individuality by choosing internal authority, which by extension leads to greater freedom (free will) to navigate one’s own life path.

EDIT: Adding the following video from JP Sears that contains much more footage from Yuval Noah Harari:

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